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Recently I’ve been reworking the layout of my portfolio website. Not satisfied with my previous host, I decided to find another web client to better show off my talent. I stumbled across  an awesome site that allows more flexibility  and less code than my previous host. Although the skeleton of my site is complete and ready for launch there are still some bugs I’m trying to work out. I have also decided to  added my business to google maps to draw in more clientele. I was kind of skeptical at listing my information online at first, but the goal of marketing is to reach as many potential clients as possible. An judging from my analytic stats I have already begun to gain local traffic. I am always on the hunt for criticism about my work, so if you have the free time check out my site and let me know what you think.



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As most of you know most Photographers double as graphic designers. So it’s not surprising when you see Photographers expanding their skill set into layout design, retouching or photo manipulation.

Recently I was contacted by a friend of mine who is a wedding coordinator. She asked if I could redesign her brochures. The job was a little time consuming considering  I’m juggling school now. Never the less,  I was able to deliver on my word and my client was very satisfied with the results.

I will be posting a Photoshop tutorial on how to design brochures and flyers very soon, so be on the look out.

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