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Teamwork, Sisterhood & Dedication are some of the words that come to mind when you think of a sorority. Last month I had the opportunity to work with the young ladies of the Delta Sigma Theta  sorority at KSU. I was asked to shoot and design a banner promoting a program for the school called rehabilitation. This presented 2 challenges for me, one of which was coming up with an idea for the shoot. The 2nd being the overall layout for the design because  the young ladies had no idea of how they wanted to convey the message. Eventually we decided on an idea of  placing themselves in an asylum awaiting rehabilitation. Of course I don’t have access to an asylum, so the layout had to be drafted in photo shop.

The original draft came off too light, warm and fuzzy so  I went back reworked the it and created a more dark theme. The ladies were thrilled with the layout and immediately sent it to print. A few weeks later I was informed that the event was a success, largely due to the fact that the banner had received massive attention for its creative appeal. I enjoyed working with the young ladies of Delta Sigma Theta and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

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Recently  I was contacted by the fashionary to attend a fashion event hosted by The Mahogany Me project. The event detailed  some of latest fashion trends from up and coming designers in the local Atlanta area. Although, the show was a success the styles displayed had an unflattering and recycled appeal. Props go o the models for strutting across the runway and making it down an accident prone flight of stairs in heels with attitude and grace. The host kept live with laughs and even pulling people on stage to a free style rap. Half way through the show the audience was entertained by a songstress that had the unfortunate luck of  being a victim of a faulty sound system. Although, her singing was great, the audience could barely get over the bumble of the speakers. After the event concluded I exchanged business cards with some of the of the models and decided to head home. I thanked the young ladies of the Fashionary for the opportunity to shoot for them  and was asked to come on board as their event photographer. Who knows whats in store for The Fashionary since they’ve decided to give me the opportunity to join their ranks. All I know is that it is a decision that they will not forget.

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Can you bleed like me?

Pushing my skills to the limit and experimenting with different forms of Fashion Fotography is my goal.Through hard work and perseverance I will make my identity a house hold name around the world.

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