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Every so often I get burned out from the daily grind of life. Being well rested and stress free is essential for a creative work flow. I often find myself working out or doing photo walks in the city in order to gain inspiration for upcoming projects. Recently I attended Art Mondays at the Apache Cafe. A true gem in the city of Atlanta, this venue gives artist a chance to recharge their batteries and continue their daily grind.

Upon arriving at the location off of Spring st I wasn’t too sure about walking through a deep dank alley at 7pm in the middle of the cities jungle. Instead of being greeted by valet or a host, a gentlemen who introduced himself as Tyrone agreed to watch my car for some pocket change. Ignoring his offer I paid the parking box continued to my destination. Hearing shouts in the background of Tyrone screaming ” Don’t blame me if your gets stolen” made me second guess about not giving him change.

From the outside the building didn’t look like much. When you think of the word whole in the wall this is exactly what comes to mind. But once inside the ambient sounds of Drum and Bass and old school Hip Hop began feel the air. It was like going to the secret blood rave in the movie BLADE. Young professionals were mixing and mingling and enjoying the evening. I was greeted by the curator who politely ask for my cover and gave me a handout on the nights events.

A secret haven for artist is what I found. Figure models stood on pillars as artist sketched, photographed and socialized with each other. I found a seat, ordered a glass of wine and began to relax. I could feel my mind starting to clear as creativity began to flow. The momentum of the night was hitting it’s high and I truly felt inspired to make this a weekly item on my to do list.

As 11 o’clock hit, I could feel the ambiance dying down. It was to time to go home and I felt I had got my fill for the evening.I packed my things and headed back to my car, passing the dank alley once again I saw Tyrone curled up in the corner fast asleep. I got in my car and headed home and thought to myself about the amazing night I just had. After enjoying the evening so much, I am definitely looking forward to making a another trip to the Apache Cafe, a true hidden gem in the city of Atlanta.


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