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You have already collected the deposit, the date is set. You double check, triple check and even quadruple check your equipment  to make sure everything is working . You met with your clients before hand so you know shooting their wedding is going to be a cake walk right? Wrong!

Usually the day of a wedding is the most  joyous occasion of  some peoples lives. Although, this day is meant for happiness it can all be ruined if you happen to come across a Bride From Hell aka Bridezilla . She doesn’t care about your feelings, your artistic point of view or even whose flipping the bill for the wedding. Bridezilla only cares about one thing and that is getting it her way.

Things can get rough in the jungles of Wedding Photography, so I’m here to provide you with some tips on how to deal with a Bride from Hell.

1.Your Professionalism comes first.

Be as professional as possible when dealing with Bridezilla. Alot of times your clients have no idea how wedding photography or photography in general works. Things can get very frustrating when trying to explain to the wedding party that you need them to align a certain way for a shot. Be patient my friends, these are your clients and hopefully they have paid you good money for your services.

2. Confidence

Take control of the wedding as soon as you arrive. Always be confident in your skills as a photographer. A lot of times family members will interrupt you with their point and shoot cameras  to take pictures while you are working. Politely establish that you are “The Photographer” and are working, and family will always stay out of your way to let you do your job.

3. Bridezilla Meltdown

If  Bridezilla decides to flip out because her wedding is running 2.5 seconds behind. Remain calm and stay out of her path of destruction. I have witnessed situations where the bride has spat in the grooms face and completely destroyed the dressing room because she did not like her cake 3 tier design.

4. Integrity

Never let Bridezilla disrespect you. Although, your clients have paid you good money, Bridezilla does not own you. I will not tolerate foolishness or disrespect from anyone in the wedding party. As said earlier integrity and professionalism are most important. In order for your job to  run smoothly the wedding party must respect you. Make sure it is outlined in your contract that you reserve the right to leave the wedding if such and incident happens.

5. Have Fun

When you have fun everyone has fun. Believe it or not as a wedding photographer you are the life of the party…eerr emm… I mean wedding. When you engage  your clients  with a positive attitude everyone will respect you for being so upbeat, regardless of how Bridezilla is acting. Having fun will make your job easier and time will fly by faster.

There are some great advantages for being a wedding photographer, one of which is seeing the satisfaction on your clients face for a job well done. Always remember not to  let Bridezilla control your event  because ultimately if she ruins the wedding it will always be your fault.

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Every so often I get burned out from the daily grind of life. Being well rested and stress free is essential for a creative work flow. I often find myself working out or doing photo walks in the city in order to gain inspiration for upcoming projects. Recently I attended Art Mondays at the Apache Cafe. A true gem in the city of Atlanta, this venue gives artist a chance to recharge their batteries and continue their daily grind.

Upon arriving at the location off of Spring st I wasn’t too sure about walking through a deep dank alley at 7pm in the middle of the cities jungle. Instead of being greeted by valet or a host, a gentlemen who introduced himself as Tyrone agreed to watch my car for some pocket change. Ignoring his offer I paid the parking box continued to my destination. Hearing shouts in the background of Tyrone screaming ” Don’t blame me if your gets stolen” made me second guess about not giving him change.

From the outside the building didn’t look like much. When you think of the word whole in the wall this is exactly what comes to mind. But once inside the ambient sounds of Drum and Bass and old school Hip Hop began feel the air. It was like going to the secret blood rave in the movie BLADE. Young professionals were mixing and mingling and enjoying the evening. I was greeted by the curator who politely ask for my cover and gave me a handout on the nights events.

A secret haven for artist is what I found. Figure models stood on pillars as artist sketched, photographed and socialized with each other. I found a seat, ordered a glass of wine and began to relax. I could feel my mind starting to clear as creativity began to flow. The momentum of the night was hitting it’s high and I truly felt inspired to make this a weekly item on my to do list.

As 11 o’clock hit, I could feel the ambiance dying down. It was to time to go home and I felt I had got my fill for the evening.I packed my things and headed back to my car, passing the dank alley once again I saw Tyrone curled up in the corner fast asleep. I got in my car and headed home and thought to myself about the amazing night I just had. After enjoying the evening so much, I am definitely looking forward to making a another trip to the Apache Cafe, a true hidden gem in the city of Atlanta.

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Awhile ago I started a new series in my photography labeled “The Fashion Crime Scene”. My goal was to have my models pose in such a way that the image would depict the elements of a crime scene, while containing a rough gritty fashionable edge. Unfortunately, just as soon as I began the project school began to kick my ass and the workload of other jobs became overwhelming. I slowly lost interest in the direction in the project and decided to scrap it and start from scratch at a later date. Fortunately, all was not lost. I gained invaluable amounts of information that I plan to use for future shoots, as well as developed some very strong relationships with fellow photogs and models. I’m looking forward to working with these people so, I can’t wait to jump-start this project.

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Can you bleed like me?

Pushing my skills to the limit and experimenting with different forms of Fashion Fotography is my goal.Through hard work and perseverance I will make my identity a house hold name around the world.

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