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Creative genius or misunderstood artist. At a very young age Tahir’s parents knew there was something intriguing about his artistic talent. Nurturing his abilities, his parents often supplied him with the materials needed to define himself as an artist. Having a passion for art lead him to the market for visual and advertising design. Taking on projects that forced him to examine specific groups of a targeted audience has helped define him as a visual artist. Constantly pushing his abilities to their limits, he has learned that the key to success in art lay in experimentation and having fun. After graduating high school and attending the Art institute of Atlanta, Tahir began work as a freelance graphic designer for various studios. After working with numerous photographers as a visual enhancer, he decided to pick up the camera and has never put it down. It was through photography that Tahir began to explore a new way to exploit his vision. Armed with a compelling eye for composition and passion for fashion photography. Tahir hopes to inspire the fashion industry and to challenge like minded creative’s to truly think outside the box.

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